Gary Sadjian

Lead Guitar, Synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

I started playing guitar at the age of 9 and like many little boys, found sports and other things more interesting. I started seriously picking the guitar up again when I was in the ninth grade. My cousin Ron who was a mammoth influence on me, took a hand-me-down guitar and re-built it for me to play. There were times I got frustrated with the instrument and wanted to quit but my cousin would never stop pushing me to continue to practice. When I was 15, Ron died (he only being 19 years old), leaving a huge void in my life. He was the “Big Brother” I never had. I continued playing in bands throughout high school and in college and my love for music got stronger as the years passed. I was always mindful of Ron’s memory throughout this musical journey.

For two years I lay dormant and not playing in a band at all. I was thinking about throwing away over twenty years of playing to that point. But something continually nagged at me not to give up even when I had several thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen and never recovered. My thirst to keep playing inexplicably continued. During this dormant period, HE was now giving me the opportunity HE had planned for me all along; to turn my love of music towards glorifying HIM. It was then the inspiration to start a Christian rock band nudged at me. The plan was to take the rock music I loved and use it to bring people back to Jesus Christ and the church. I didn’t know how to put together a Christian rock band but the Lord took care of that as well. Very quickly HE placed musicians in my path forming the core of the group. Talk about the Grace of God! The first lineup of Cross Roads was born.

In the band, I play guitar, synth guitar, acoustic guitar and sing. In addition, I am in charge of the logistics for the band including audio, lighting and video. My hobbies include being a student of history, toy collecting and I am a retired martial arts instructor.

I have been a passenger in my own life’s experiences and it has strengthened and prepared me for this role with Crossroads. I see more and more clearly how all this fits together for HIS glory. It is so much more evident to me now how quickly my plans evaporate and have no foundation when I want to take control of my life and future endeavors. Now, I try my best to allow Jesus to steer my life for me but we are taught to be independent and to stand on our own two feet. Jesus’ teaching is a complete 180. We must rely on Jesus completely at all times. However, as a human (and I am as guilty of this as anyone), I sometimes later discover that I only allowed Jesus to take partial control of my situation and didn’t give HIM full control. I would subconsciously keep a little control for myself. This is the human conflict within that we all battle. I will continue to try to relinquish that final piece of control to Jesus and HE knows what a work in progress I am but HE will also continually stand at my side until I finally “get it” right. I am not perfect, just “Forgiven”.

Thank you Lord for loving a sinner like me, who does not deserve the Grace and gifts you bestow, but You found something in me that says “In My Kingdom, you will do many things to Glorify My Name.” Amen.


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